New Sermons beginning September 2018

//New Sermons beginning September 2018
New Sermons beginning September 20182018-10-09T10:17:21-05:00

We apologize that our current software is not allowing the usual process for sermon uploads.  We are working on the problem and will be using this page for new messages until the problem is resolved.

67-Paul at Ephesus 02 – His Powerful Ministry 01, 10/07/2018     

Paul at Ephesus 01 – Apollos and Defective Ministry, 09/30/2018     

Paul at Corinth 03 – Paul Takes a Vow, Sept 23, 2018  

Paul at Corinth 02 – Protection, Evangelism, and The Sovereignty of God, Sept 16, 2018

Paul at Corinth 01 – Paul Takes a Job, Sept. 9, 2018

Paul’s Message at Athens, Sept. 2, 2018  





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