Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that the information you find here will be helpful to you. Bridgetown Baptist Church and the ministry of God’s word that you will find here is admittedly different from many others that you may find and I make no apology for that, it is deliberately so.

It is our belief that Christianity in general has fallen far from what it once was, especially in the area of preaching the gospel and calling for holiness in the lives of men. We are working to correct that in our church and in our ministry.

John the Baptist had a theme for his ministry (Matt. 3:2) in which he continually called for men to repent of their sins, their violations of God’s law as it had been given to the Jews. When Jesus began to preach, He preached the same thing (Matt. 4:17). So did the apostle Paul (Acts 20:20,21). It is a known and observable fact that modern preachers and churches do not preach this message. We do. We believe that repentance is essential and that the preaching of repentance is necessary in the proclamation of the gospel. It is true that the salvation of God is by grace and through faith but the scriptures tell us that only those who respond to the gospel invitation in true and heartfelt repentance for their crimes against God and man manifest saving faith.

We invite you to come and worship with us but we want you to know that we are not trying to be what other churches around us are. We are not in competition with them for gymnasiums, basketball, and softball teams. We will not compete with them in order to provide ‘fun’ activities for your kids (although we do provide such activities on a limited basis). We are trying to be what the true Christian church has always been, the kind of church on which this great country was originally built.

What we will do is attempt to teach you the word of God for what it says. We believe that if you hear what the scriptures say you will understand what they mean. If you have true and saving faith you will obey what they say.

If you are not a Christian, we will not try to talk you into praying a prayer or walking down an aisle at the end of the service. But we will honestly and prayerfully discuss your need with you and point you toward Christ. We will explain to you that being a Christian means much more than praying a prayer but is a change of heart and life, a giving of your whole self over to God. We will spend as much time as necessary to help you. We will pray with you and for you. And, if you do come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we will do our best to help you grow into a fruitful and profitable servant of God. Not flashy, I know, but what we do is real and we mean what we say.

Please browse our web site and let us know if it is helpful to you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

Here is the link to a message that probably sums up my understanding of the Work of Christ as well as any single message I have preached:  Justification Through Union With Christ  Justification Through Union With Christ

Yours in Christ’s service,

Larry W. Dean, Pastor