Revival Prayer Meeting

Prayer Points:: 03-25-2011
Joshua 7

Sin in the Camp
When the people of God undertake a battle in the name of God, it is assumed that they are,
together, in agreement under the hand of God, that they are living under His authority and in
obedience to Him.

But when there is secret rebellion in the ‘camp’ of the saints, when some of those in the battle
are harboring wickedness in their lives, God may allow the whole group to be defeated and
remain defeated until the issues are fully dealt with.

It is good to pause from time to time, assess our progress, or lack thereof, and ask ourselves
some difficult questions.

Prayer Points
• We have been laboring in prayer for Awakening for some time with seemingly no results.
• It is possible that the Lord is testing us, proving our endurances, and growing us so that He might bless us.
• It is also possible that there is, in our lives, some sin that grieves the Holy Spirit and is causing Him to step back from helping us.
• It behooves those who are seeking God’s face to make sure that all sin is forsaken.
• The kinds of items this might be are:
– Active but secret rebellion, as in the case of Achan.
– Sins of ignorance, things that are ‘off our radar’ but are sins grieving the Holy Spirit nonetheless.
– Areas that God has put His hand on and convicted us but we have refused (or delayed) to obey.
– Old sins, once repented of, that have resurfaced.
– Promises made to God that are not being kept.

The remedy is Repentance.
Sometimes we need for God to show us sins hidden to our minds.

Sometimes we need for God to show us the great weight of seemingly small sins.

We always need for God to work the Grace of Repentance in us.
– But we must seek it – reach our for it.
– And, we must be willing for Him to do the work.
– We must be willing to confess, forsake and totally abandon the sin.
– We must be willing to make plans, decisions and commitments so that the sin is effectively put away.
– And, then….., we must be willing to commit to those decisions and persevere in them.

Consider, again, the great issues for which we are praying.

We, ourselves, are in great need of an Awakening from God.
– We need for Him to renew us and take us further in obedience and worship.

Our church is in need of a Visit from the Spirit of God.
– We have lost children who need Christ.
– We have lost family members.
– We have lost people who live all around our church building.

God’s churches and His servants all over the world need renewed enabling.

Moral and spiritual decay permeates our culture.
– It will certainly bring us under the Judgment of God unless He helps us.
– The light of the gospel will cease going out from here if this nation collapses under judgment for its wickedness.

There are so very few who seem to be burdened.
– May God raise up laborers to pray with us.
– May He lead us as we seek to discover how to effectively pray for ourselves and others.