There is no greater need in our lives as Christians, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation and in our world than a special visit of the Spirit of God upon us as we have read about in days gone by.
Previous visitations of the Spirit of God have been preceded by:
(1) An increasing burden for the glory of God;

(2) An increasing conviction of personal sin;

(3) An increasing concern for the sad state of religion and the culpability of Christians in it;

(4) An increasing sense of compassion for the lost; and

(5) A willingness for the people of God to gather in ‘concerts of prayer’ for a mighty visit of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, you are invited to spend three days with us from June 21st until the 23rd, 2022, crying out to God for our own needs as well as the needs around us. There will be exhortation from the Word, guided times of corporate prayer, opportunity for interaction and discussion as well as godly fellowship. Schedules of the daily services will be included at a later date on the website and at the day of Convocation.

Who is invited? All serious-minded believers who can affirm the gospel of Jesus Christ as articulated in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith are invited to share the time with us. Baptists, Independents, Presbyterians, and others who affirm the Gospel of the Grace of God are welcome. The meeting will be Non-Charismatic. We take the position that the “Spiritual Gifts” as practiced by modern Charismatics are spurious and, therefore, not welcome. The spiritual gift we seek at this meeting is ‘a broken and contrite heart’ (Psalm 51:17).

Please come and labor with us. If you cannot come and would like to participate, pray with us each afternoon from 12 to 5. Sermons will be loaded to this site as soon as we are able.

Also, consider listening to this message by Martin-Lloyd Jones on the issue of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.