Convocation 2014 began at 12 noon on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 with a welcome with opening remarks and reflections on Awakenings of the past.

From the opening prayer session it was obvious that we had special help from the Lord.  Whereas in previous years it seemed that we struggled to find a oneness of mind so as to effectively join our hearts in prayer, that unity was obvious from the very beginning.

Wayne Camp brought a wonderful series pertaining to Revival that can be found on our church web site.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings the pastors met for prayer after the evening service.  Wednesday night’s session focused on ‘impossible needs’ in each pastor’s life/ministry.

On Thursday we began the afternoon prayer time with a session that focused on the work of the Enemy and the need for real and genuine unity, 2 Cor. 2:11.  Both the discussion and the prayer time was blessed.

We left with our hearts encouraged by the unity that had grown between us and the hope that God is indeed going to do a Work in our time.

We all give a special “Thank You” to those who could not be with us but who, nevertheless, prayed for us.

Please remember to pray for our brethren in England who are also laboring in prayer meetings for Revival and Awakening.  They are meeting quarterly in various locations around the country.  Their next meeting will be on April 5.  Maybe you would like to organize something in your area to coincide?

If you do decide to do something, could you let me know?  I would like to keep all of the prayer warriors both in our country and elsewhere up to date on the efforts for Revival.

A report on their meeting can be found on our web site.

I would be happy to answer any particular questions you might have concerning our Convocation.  The 2015 meeting, in the Will of the Lord, will be held Feb. 17-19, 2015.  A speaker has not yet been selected.

Feel free to share this report with any who might be interested.

In the Hope of Revival

Larry W Dean

Bridgetown Baptist Church

Nesbit, MS  USA