Bridgetown Baptist Church supports missions and missionaries through direct gifts which come from our ‘Faith Promise Offerings’. Each month our members set aside a specific amount in addition to our regular offerings to go to missions. The money is then distributed to the various ministries supported by our church. We strive to support only those missionaries and ministries which reflect our doctrinal convictions concerning the gospel. Some of those ministries are listed below.

Dollars for Trevor:: Bro. Trevor Johnson and his wife Teresa are church-planting missionaries in the Papua Province  of Indonesia, focusing on spreading the gospel to remote tribal groups. Each Sunday morning, in place of the regular offering, dollars are collected to support this ministry.  Follow him on Facebook.


Bill Clark Ministries:: Even though our dear brother went on to be with the Lord in November of 1998, his wife, Evelyn, and Jean Claude Souillot along with others, continue the ministry which involves radio broadcasts in French, the translation of good books into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages of Europe and the organization of pastors’ conferences in Africa for African pastors.


Paul Snider:: Bro. Paul is a church planting missionary in West Papua Province who works with remote tribal groups and national church evangelists with the aim of proclaiming the Gospel to this tribal group, train and strengthen the national evangelists to reach them, and establish churches among the Northern and Southern clans.  He and Trevor Johnson currently work together in one of the most remote regions of the world.  You can also follow him on Facebook.


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